Welcome to the USA Karate Officials


Welcome to the USA Karate officials program, facilitated by the nation’s premier sport karate organization. USA Karate is the national governing body serving the US Olympic Committee as the vantage point of the Team USA selection process. As Karate emerges onto the Olympic stage for the first time in 2020, the essence of karate competition, coaching, and officiating will be showcased around the world. Step into the ring as a licensed USA Karate Official and be a part of the action at the local, state, national and internationals levels.


The USA Karate officials licensing program is open to advanced juniors ages 14/15, cadets ages 16/17, and adults age 18 and older. The program guides officials of all levels on a visual and hands-on journey through the USA and WKF rules of competition. The program is administered in a challenging and encouraging environment where everyone can learn, practice, and sharpen the skills needed to be licensed USA Karate officials and beyond. Officials are trained through the USOC Safe Sport program and cleared by the appropriate background screening to ensure that our best and most credible officials become the face of USA Karate.


USA Karate’s comprehensive officials training program is designed to encourage, develop, and maintain a strong and enduring team of officials and to promote the continuous growth and development of sport karate in the United States. USA Karate recognizes the training, teaching, coaching, and officiating experience of its advanced karate practitioners and is committed to building upon this valuable resource. The USA Karate officials licensing system affords advanced karate practitioners excellent opportunities to gain entry level experience, return to the ring from hiatus, or enhance senior level officiating abilities from the regional and national levels to the highest level of athletic competition and most prestigious competition stages in the world. View Licensing Information


Whether an officials training needs are senior level, entry level, or returning from hiatus, the USA Karate officials program provides state-of-the-art references and interactive training materials, educational modules, written materials, workshops and tools. USA Karate officials receive total access to the USA Karate (and WKF) Rules of Competition book(s), a user-friendly rules review webinar, examination question and answer exercises, event set-up diagrams, visual reference rules charts, quick reference referee and flag judge signal photos, basic and complex charting training, a mobile phone application which includes reference materials and an official interactive scoreboard for iPhone and Android, and member-access to the USA Karate officials leadership for continued support.