USA Karate officials are trained to recognize and reward athletes for their performances and, with each vote, they are responsible for choosing those who will take the podium. In order to ensure that USA officials are equipped with the skills and confidence needed to accomplish their tasks and contribute to a safe, fair, and enjoyable tournament experience for all, there is a participation-based regional and national licensing system with a published list of Proficiency Levels, i.e., tasks and expectations related to each level. Officials will track their ongoing tournament experience in their USA Karate passbooks by collecting signatures from tournament directors throughout the year. The tournament experience record corresponds with local or national seminar attendance to substantiate license upgrades. To ensure that hands-on experience accompanies academic knowledge, licensing upgrades require officials to participate in five tournaments between licenses, in addition to seminar attendance and completion of examination modules. Regional licenses and designated national license levels can be awarded by approved USA Karate instructors, including members of the USA Karate Referee Committee, at local seminars. Advanced national license examinations and upgrades are administered by the USA Karate Referee Committee at Signature Events. View Proficiency Levels


The USA Karate officials expansion program authorizes USA Karate instructors throughout the nation to facilitate seminars and upgrade licenses to the extent permitted by level. Eligible karate school owners who wish to take their experience to the instructor level can apply for their A, B, or C level instructor’s license(s) on the USA Karate website and view the Instructor Criteria and Certification requirements and Instructor License Request Form ( As an extension of the USA Karate Referee Committee, local instructors are authorized to upgrade licenses within their region or beyond, in accordance with USA Karate rules and protocol. Seminars can be held in local karate schools or other appropriate venues. Seminar registration assistance, educational materials and specific instructions are provided to USA Karate instructors to ensure continuity in training programs throughout the country and to help promote productive and successful events.